1. NAME       
a. The name of the organization shall be “CENTRAL ZONE INSURANCE EMPLOYEES’ ASSOCIATION “ to be hereinafter called in these rules as the CZIEA. It shall be a Federation of the Divisional Unions/Associations of the Insurance Employees in the Central Zone of the Life Insurance Corporation of India and L.I.C. Housing Finance ltd.
b. Definitions :
1. The term employees shall mean all salaried employees working at any Insurance office both Life and LIC Housing Finance Ltd. In the Central Zone.
The term Units shall mean Unions/Association affiliated to the CZIEA.
2. HEAD OFFICE : The Head Quarters of the CZIEA shall be at Zonal HQ or at such order Divisional Head Quarter of Central Zone as may be decided in a General Council meeting called for the purpose.  Any change in the address of the Head Quarter shall be duly notified to all concerned within Fourteen days from the date of such change
3. AIMS & OBJECTS : The objects of the CZIEA shall be:
a. to organize the whole body of employees all over the Central Zone and to foster a spirit of Co-operation comradeship, spirit-de-corp among them;
b. to co-ordinate the activities of Unions/Associations affiliated to the CZIEA;
c. to secure improvement and amelioration of economic and social conditions of the members and safeguard their interests in all respects by all legitimate and democratic means;
d. to make proper representation to the Union and state Government and Insurance Corporation and other bodies of Management in matters affecting or relating to the interests and conditions of service of the employees;
e. to undertake prosecution or defence of any legal proceedings to which any of its member or members of any of its affiliated Unions/Associations may be party, for the purpose of protecting the rights of such member/members arising out of his/their relations with his/their employers;
f. to conduct trade disputes on behalf of its member or members of any of affiliated Unions/Associations.
g. To arrange occasional meeting and lectures, to develop comradeship among the members and to develop their understanding of the advantages and facilities of organized life and also to prepare the members to play legitimate role in their national, social and cultural life;
h. To secure equality of rights and privileges for employees doing work of the same nature, irrespective of race, colour, creed and sex;
i. To develop a healthy relationship between the employees and employers.
j. Provided fund permits :-
i. to compensate a member or members of any of its affiliated Unions/Associations for loss arising out of trade dispute or by reason of his/their services to the CZIEA.
ii. to pay allowances to a member or members of any of its affiliated Unions/Associations or to his dependants during unemployment, sickness or accident of such member or members;
iii. to start for members, libraries, reading-rooms, night-classes, clubs, co-operative credit societies, co-operative stores, canteens, institutions to render medical assistance in cash or kinds, benefit funds providing financial assistance to member or members on terms and conditions that may be imposed by the Working Committee from time to time, and to provide such other amenities of life;
iv. to purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire and to lease, hold and manage, sell or charge, mortgage or otherwise dispose of any moveable properties including shares in Joint stock companies;
v. to develop ways and means for the spread of Insurance education helping to cause advancement of the Insurance Industry;
vi. to render, notwithstanding the activities of the CZIEA being mainly confined to Insurance Employees, such help, as is possible, to other institutions constituted with similar aims, objects and end in view;
K.  to federate with or affiliate itself to ALL INDIA INSURANCE EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION or any other Federations or Associations in India having kindred aims and objects.
I. to promote, foster and maintain in co-operation with the other Movement in the world in general and in the country in particular.
4.MEMBERSHIP : Membership of the CZIEA shall consist of ordinary and /or honorary  members as follows :
a. Affiliated Unions/Associations: Any Divisional Union/Association of employees within the jurisdiction of Central Zone is entitled to affiliation to the CZIEA provided that such Union/Association agrees to abide by the constitution and laws and bye-laws and rules that may be framed from time to time.
b. Honorary Members: Persons other than ordinary members of any affiliated Union/Association having sympathy and support for the aims and objects of the CZIEA and agreeing to abide by the constitution and laws and bye-laws and rules framed for its conduct may be elected in the General Conference as Honorary Members to serve on the Working Committee of the CZIEA provided that the number of such members shall not exceed three.
a. Application for ordinary membership from any Union/Association having the above qualifications shall be submitted in the prescribed from the Working Committee with admission fee and subscription as specified hereinafter in these rules of this Constitution.  The Working Committee shall consider such application in their meeting and accept or reject such application.
b. In case of rejection, however, the sum received as Affiliation fee shall be refunded and the applicant shall have to right to appeal to the General Council.
c. All Affiliated Unions/Associations are entitled to the benefits assured under these rules.
d. Any affiliated Unions/Associations affiliated to this CZIEA shall owe allegiance to the CZIEA and its constitution and abide by the laws and bye-laws and rules and fulfill the undernoted requirements.
i. It shall send a copy of its rules and regulation with amendment of such rules and regulations as may be done every year and list of its office bearers, number of their membership in enrolment for every year and annual report together with a statement of accounts for the official year,
ii. It shall pay the CZIEA an annual subscription as per quota mentioned hereinafter in the rules of this constitution.
iii. It shall pay levies as may be imposed by the Working Committee of CZIEA from time to time apart from their usual annual subscription.
6. FEES: Every affiliated Union/Association shall have to pay fees as under :
    i.    Admission fee Rs. 100/-
    ii.    Annual subscription at the following rate:
Rs. 500/- for the first 100 members or below and thereafter Rs. 250/- for each additional block of 100 members or fraction thereof if it is 50 or above, and Rs. 125/- if the number is below  50.
iii. Delegation fee Rs. 10/- for every delegates.
iv. Donations, contributions and levies as may be imposed.
v. All dues such as subscription, donation, levies and contributions falling due in a moth shall be paid within the following month.
vi. Annual Subscription shall become due from the month of affiliation and 1st January every year thereafter.  The membership for the purpose of calculation of subscription shall be determined on the basis of the membership from the month of affiliation or on 31st of December of the preceding year as the case may be.  The annual subscription shall be paid to the CZIEA within one month from the due date  every year.
vii. Unions/ Associations affiliated any time during the year shall pay the proportionate annual subscription determined from the month of the affiliation.
a. No ordinary member shall remain a member of the CZIEA in case it is in arrears in respect of the annual subscription payable by it to the CZIEA and does not clear it within three months from the last date of the financial year for which it is in default.  But after cessation of membership the ordinary member concerned may be reaffiliated on payment of all arrears as at date of removal and current fees together with readmission fee of Rs. 100/- and such other levy as may be imposed by the Working Committee of the CZIEA;
b. No member of the Working Committee or General Council shall remain a member in case he loses his primary membership in the Union/ Association.
c. A Union/ Association in default due to nonpayment of subscription or other dues shall lose all rights, privileges and benefits of the CZIEA.
a. The CZIEA shall maintain a register of affiliated Unions/ Associations with the name and official address of the said units as well as the names, addresses and such other particulars as may be deemed necessary, of the office bearers and the members of Working Committee and General Council Members including honorary members.  The Register shall remain open to inspection during office hours by any member of the CZIEA provided at least three clear working days’ notice of such inspection in previously given to the General Secretary.
b. The books and registers of the CZIEA shall be kept under the custody of the General Secretary and the Treasurer at the Registered Office of the CZIEA or at such other place as the Working Committee may determine from time to time.
9. FUNDS :
a.    The CZIEA shall have a General Fund which shall include all income derived from admission fees, subscriptions, contributions from member, donations and levies, interest and other miscellaneous sources.
b.    The funds of the CZIEA shall be spent for all purposes which will promote the objects of the CZIEA set down in these rules including salaries subject to the provisions of Section 15 of the Indian Trade Union Act. (Act XIV of 1926)
c.    The CZIEA may have a political fund with will be spent for purpose provided under section 16 of the Indian Trade Union Act. 1926.
d.    The funds of the CZIEA shall be deposited in a Scheduled Bank or Banks or shall be invested in some approved securities or shall be partly deposited and partly invested as may be decided by the Working Committee from time to time.
e.    Cheques for withdrawal shall be signed by the General Secretary and Treasurer or Joint Treasurer or by the General Secretary or Treasurer or Joint Treasurer and any one of the two Joint Secretaries authorized for the purpose during the absence of either the General Secretary or the Treasurer.
f.    The Accounts of the CZIEA shall be audited annually be auditors appointed by the General Council or Working Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Trade Unions Act. (XIV of 1926).
    a.    The Constitutional Structure of the CZIEA shall be as under :-
        i.    Affiliated Unions/ Associations
        ii.    General Council and
iii. Working Committee.
i. The General Council shall be the Supreme organ and depositary of Supreme power of the CZIEA and all powers shall be vested in the General Council. 
ii. The General Council of the CZIEA shall consist of the elected representative of affiliated Unions/Associations.  Each affiliated Union /Association shall have the right to send one delegate for every 50 members or part thereof with a minimum/fifteen and a maximum twenty to the General Councial.
iii. Each member of the working Committee elected in a particular General Conference or co-opted in between shall be ex-orricio delegate to the General Council of the next General Conference.
c. Honorary member not exceeding three in number if deemed necessary may be elected in the Triennial General Conference as provided in the Rule No.4(b) of the Constitution.
a.    Subject to the supreme control and direction of klthe general council there shall be Working Committee to be elected in the General Conference held after every two years from amongst the General Council members including honorary members for the general management of the affairs of the CZIEA.  The Working Committee shall consist of elected members including the following office bearers and atleast three working committee membership of 500 out of which atleast one shall be a woman .  If the membership is more than 500 there shall be one additional working committee member from that concerned union/ association.
i. President
ii. 4 Vice Presidents
iii. General Secretary
iv. 9 Joint Secretaries
v. Treasurer and
vi. One Joint Treasurer.
(I)    The Financial year of the CZIEA shall be from 1st January to 31st December .  The Triennial General Conference of the CZIEA shall be generally held after 31st of March every three years.
(ii)    The Triennial General Conference shall transact the following business.:-
a. To consider Biennial Report and Annual Audited Accounts.
b. To elect honorary member/members, if necessary;
c. To elect office bearers and members of Working Committee.
d. To elect delegates to the General Conference of All India Insurance Employees Association.
e. To appoint Auditors for the period.
f. To consider any resolution or resolution notice whereof has been received by the General Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.
g. To formulate overall and general policy of the CZIEA.
h. To amend, alter or rescind the Constitution, provided notice thereof has been given alongwith the notice of conference.
i. To transact any other matter recommended by the Working Committee.
j. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair,
I. All matters placed before the General Council shall be decided by a majority of votes cast by show of hands or by ballot. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary in case of difference of opinion among the General Council members of matters of the CZIEA affecting or relating to mainly the vital interests of any of the affiliates, the decision of General Council Shall normally be guided by the verdict of the majority members of that particulars affiliated.
II. The working committee shall have to power to call special sessions of the General Council at any time in between two triennial General Conference to transact all matters of vital importance including amendment, variation or rescission of the constitution.
Subject to overall control of the General Council the Working Committee shall be responsible collectively to General Council and carry on all affairs of administration and shall have power to :
i. Adopt resolution, frame rules , and by- laws, from Committees and Sub-Committees, appoint paid officers,
ii. Take decisions on any issue affecting or relating to the interests of the affiliated units, devise ways and means for implementation of the decisions taken in the General Council and, as far as practicable, take active and necessary steps for the betterment of the organization.
iii. Impose levies and give call for donations or contributions or raise funds for the CZIEA in the manner deemed fit.
iv. Maintain registers containing names, addresses, strength of membership and all other information required of the members of the Working Committee and General Council.  It shall have the power to call for any other document deemed necessary from any of the affiliated units from time to time.
v. To remove, expel, suspend any of the members of the Working Committee or General Council or take any other disciplinary steps against any members provided such member/members are found guilty of theft, corrupt practices or of violating the rules of the CZIEA or violating any of the vital decisions of the CZIEA acting in a way prejudicial to the interest of the members in general or affecting or jeopardizing the existence of the CZIEA or hampering its progress or found guilty of having allegiance to any Insurance Trade Union Organization other than this, provided, however, that not less than three –fourth of the members present are in favor of such decision and provided further that the member concerned has been given 15 days to explain his conduct.  The decision of the Working Committee in this respect shall have to be ratified by next General Council Meeting.  But in all such cases, the member/members concerned shall have the right to appeal first to the Working Committee for re-consideration and, thereafter to the General Council and no appeal shall lie against the decision of the General Council.
vi. To fill up the vacancies in the Working Committee due to death, resignation or expulsion/removal of any of the member/members.
vii. All maters placed before the Working Committee shall be decided by majority of votes.  Notwithstanding anything herein contained, in case of difference of opinion among members of the Working Committee, with regard to any policy or programme affecting the interests of any of the affiliated units excepting on matters detailed in clause 13(ii) of the Constitution, the verdict of the majority members representing the particular unit shall be the guiding principle for the Working Committee in arriving at a decision in respect of that particular issue.
I. PRESIDENT :  The President shall preside over all meeting, see to the proper conduct of the procedure, give interpretations of the clause/clauses of the Constitution, issue ruling when necessary take votes for or against any motion in case of disagreement among members either by show of hands or by ballot, shall have the casting vote in case of tie, sign minute book and perform such other presidential functions.
II. VICE PRESIDENT :  The Vice President shall help the President when asked to do.  In their absence in a meeting one of the Vice presidents, chosen by the members present shall preside over the meeting.
III. In the absence of the President, and Vice Presidents members present shall elect one of them to the presidential chair to conduct the meeting for the day.
a. The General Secretary shall be responsible or proper execution of the decision, policies and programme adopted in the working Committee/ General Council, shall direct, control and co-or-direct activities of the CZIEA, exercise a General Supervision over the affairs of the CZIEA, see to the battement, advance, growth and progress of the CZIEA and in the absence of a decision of the Working Committee shall devise ways and means for implementation and materialization of the aims and objects of the CZIEA subject to ratification by the Working Committee, pass bills for payment, maintain registers minute books etc. submit annual returns, call meeting of the Working Committee/ General Council and carry on such other duties as may be entrusted to him by the Working Committee.
b. The General Secretary may delegate some or any of his powers to any Joint Secretary or Joint Secretaries.  During his absence he may authorize any of the Joint Secretaries to act on his behalf or to discharge any of the duty so entrusted to him in part or in full, or he may divide his functions and responsibilities and distribute those among the Joint Secretaries as the case may be  The General Secretary shall also take account of the activities and duties of the Joint Secretaries entrusted to them by the General Council or the Working Committee.
c. The General Secretary may have a sum not exceeding Rs. 500/- in cash in hand to meet expenses in anticipation of sanction of working Committee.  In case of expenses exceeding five hundred rupees, he shall have to obtain sanction of President or any of the Vice Presidents if the President is not available, at the Head Quarters of the Association.
d. All expenses made by the General Secretary shall have to be placed in the next working Committee meeting for its approval.
iv. JOINT SECRETARY :- The Joint Secretary/Joint Secretaries shall assist the General Secretary and normally look after and deal with the problems affecting the employees, hold or attend Conciliation and do other duties and enjoy all other powers which may be entrusted to him/them by the General Secretary/Working Committee.  The Joint Secretary/Joint Secretaries shall, however, be responsible to the General Secretary and give an account of all his/their activities to the General Secretary.
v. TREASURER : The Treasurer shall receive all monies belonging to the CZIEA and maintain proper accounts of all income and expenses of the CZIEA, shall prepare the annual return to be placed to the General Conference get it audited by the appointed auditors, maintain vouchers and bills countersigned by the General Secretary, grant receipts and orders of payment, if passed by the General Secretary or person/ persons authorized by him.  All collections are to be deposited with the Bank/ Banks as authorized within a week at the latest retaining not more than a sum of Rs. 500/- at a time in cash in Hand to meet expenses.
vi. JOINT TREASURER : The Joint Treasurer shall realize fees sub-scription  and other dues, and shall help the Treasurer in his work and submit arrears list to the working committee when in meets.
15.    ARBITRATION : All disputes between members shall be settled as far as possible amicable by decision of the Working Committee.  Whenever there is no possibility of such a settlement in consequence of which the work of the CZIEA suffers or is likely to suffer, it shall be open to any of the parties in dispute to demand arbitration of the matter in dispute.  On receipt of such a demand the Working Committee shall appoint an Arbitration Committee and its decision shall be binding on both the parties.
16.    MEETINGS :
I.    Working Committee shall have to meet atleast 2 times a year provided that a period of more than six months shall not elapse between two such meetings.  The General Secretary, or in his absence, any of the Joint Secretaries duly authorized by him, shall issue written notice of working Committee meeting specifying date venue and agenda in the notice.  Clear 15 days notice in case of ordinary meeting and 8 days notice in case of emergency, shall be required in all lsuch cases.  One third of total number of members shall form the quorum of the Working Committee meeting.  Notice shall be sent under Certificate of posting.
ii.    As per the direction of the Working Committee, the General Secretary or in his absence any of the Joint Secretaries duly authorized shall convene the Biennial General Conference as provided in clause 12 (a) of the constitution, issuing 30 days clear notice specifying the date, venue and agenda.  One third of total number of members shall form the quorum of the Annual General Conference.   
iii.The General Secretary or in his absence any of the Joint Secretaries duly authorized, may call meeting of the General Council any time in between the two Biennial General Conferences as provided in Clause 12(b)(ii) of this Constitution 20 days’ notice with specific date venue and agenda shall be required in case of ordinary meeting and/or 10 days for an emergent meeting .
iv. A majority demand of atleast 33% minimum of the total members shall be required to call a requisition meeting of either the General Council or the Working Committee and the presence of atleast 55% of the Total number of members shall form the quorum in such meetings.  The requisition should reach the General Secretary or person authorized by him atleast 15 days before the meeting is proposed to be held specifying the agenda of the proposed meeting . Such a meeting shall be commenced within one month from the date of receipt of the requisition.  If the General Secretary fails to convene the meeting after giving proper notice to all the members.
17.    AMENDMENTS IN RULES :  These rules can be altered, amended or rescinded in a General Council meeting provided notice of alteration etc., has been included in the agenda for that meeting provided further that not less than 2/3 rd of the members present are in favour of lthe alteration etc.
18.    DISSOLUTION : The CZIEA shall not be dissolved except by the decision of the majority of General Council Member assembled at a meeting specially called for the purpose with a clear notice of 30 days.  The quorum for the meeting shall be three fourth of the total number of the General Council members of the CZIEA.  This meeting shall also decide in what manner the funds of the CZIEA, after dissolution, if any, shall be disposed off, if the resolution to dissolve the CZIEA is passed.

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The LIC of India is the finest financial institution in the country. It is the largest life insurance company in the world in terms of the number of policies it serves and claims it settles. LIC is the single largest investor in the Indian economy. Though it currently serves over 42 crore policyholders, it has touched the life of every Indian Citizen through its contribution to the nation building activities. It is therefore a matter of pride to work for such a Premier Public Sector Institution.

The LIC has announced 8000 vacancies for recruitment to the Post of Assistant throughout the country. This is a significant step in the background of unprecedented unemployment situation in India. The All India Insurance Employees’ Association (AIIEA) which is the oldest and largest trade union of insurance employees had invested lot of energy in agitating for recruitment. This struggle has now succeeded with LIC announcing to recruit 8000 persons for the post of Assistant. The AIIEA since its birth in 1951 has been working for the improvement of the wage and service conditions of the LIC employees. It is the result of these struggles that today the Pay, Service Conditions and Opportunities for career advancement in LIC are comparable to the best in the country. The AIIEA is also committed to the noblest values of mankind and therefore it engages itself in several social activities to provide relief and support to those affected by natural calamities and suffer from economic and social disadvantages.

It is with this commitment that AIIEA helps the candidates aspiring for job in LIC with free study material and free coaching classes. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and prepare well to face this competitive examination.

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